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Strengthen Your Home's Plumbing System

with Our Pipe Relining and Maintenance Services

When it comes to professional plumbing services in the Los Angeles community, no other business can compare to Green Planet Plumbing. To schedule your next plumbing maintenance project, simply contact us today to speak with one of our helpful plumbing contractors.

Pipe Relining
Create a permanent leak-proof seal around your piping systems when you request our pipe relining services. Our team will apply a special epoxy coating to your pipes to create an unbreakable seal that will last for up to 100 years. Best of all, this coating can be applied remotely by our camera inspection equipment, which means we won't have to dig unsightly trenches in your lawn just to reach your home's pipes.

Why Relining as a Solution?
• Less Costly
• Repair is completed in less time than traditional replacement
• Minimally disruptive
• Prevents future root intrusion, seals cracks to help
  eliminate leaks and infiltration
• Renews the pipe to a better than original state
• Both material and resin meet industry standards of a minimum
  50 year service life

Pipe, Pipe Relining in Los Angeles, CA

 Pipe Relining in Los Angeles, CA

1) It all starts with a visit from a trained Green Planet Plumbing installer to assess what the job site requires

 Pipe Relining in Los Angeles, CA

2) The pipe is thoroughly cleaned using a high-pressure jetting process

 Pipe Relining in Los Angeles, CA

3) The liner is installed into the cleaned line

 Pipe Relining in Los Angeles, CA

4) The repaired pipe is returned to full service